There is a reason why developers are called the rising stars of the tech world, as they are the creatorsof today and the future. Companies and leaders rush to developers to turn their ideas into reality. From buying food to banking, everything is now executedwith gadgets. All this infrastructure is born from tech. Developers, like any other professional, are switching jobs more frequently than ever before, and it is on employers to secure tech talent with desirable experience. Tech jobs are not bound to any specific industry and are constantly in demand, ranging from banking to healthcare to fashion.


Why choose us

SOAL TECHNOLOGIES was co-founded by two friends who were employed by leading IT companies for over 15 years before founding a business to cater to the staffing needs of employers across the States. The expertise in information technology enables us to form a strategic partnership with both our clients and job seekers and to identify quality candidates with outstanding IT skills. No one understands your job better than someone who has personally worked in the industry.

We recruit for

Our Information Technology recruiters provide staffing solutions for a broad range of developer, including:

  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Developers
  • Front End Developer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Full Stack Engineers
  • Web Designers

We also staff many other roles for IT professionals, including database administrator, network administrator, IT project manager, security engineer, and more.