Business Solutions Consulting

Along with staffing services, SOAL TECHNOLOGIES provides business solutions consulting and technology consulting to businesses, helping them streamline systems, and escalate profit. We help you respond to an increasingly competitive environment through business intelligence, data management, human resource management, software development, and tailored solutions. Our business transformation consultants, collaborative approach, extensive expertise, and deep content knowledge make us the perfect partner to take your business to new heights. We work together to grow your business using our unique expertise aligned with decisive sectors and technologies

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Business intelligence (BI)

Competition might seem intimidating but it is also a vital component of doing business that forces you to innovate to stay ahead of your competitors. Our business intelligence consulting services enables companies to make informed and data-driven decisions. It also helps you to keep an eye on your internal system at all times and tame the unstructured data to boost productivity. SOAL TECHNOLOGIES helps you find the root cause of the problem and create a tailored solution for your company to overcome it with our business solutions and consulting.

Business process analysis(BPA)

You cannot correct a problem if you do not know it exists. Business Process Analysis helps businesses identify major bottlenecks and take corrective action. Before introducing new technology into a business, it is important for a company to train the employees on how a process works and BPA is a hands-on way to do it.


What we offer

  • • Free initial consultation to assess your business strengths and needs
  • • Planning session to design a BI solution that works best for you
  • • A report with your requirements and a cost estimate
  • • Implementation of a BI plan
  • • Ongoing technology training and support
  • • Enhanced services for the future

We are a certified Microsoft and IBM Partner and offer a full suite of Microsoft BI technologies, as well as IBM Cognos Business Intelligence that comes with a complete range of BI capabilities on a single, service-oriented architecture (SOA).