DBITS Based Staffing Services

SOAL Technologies specializes in working with the state and local government organizations. For 20+ years, SOAL is enabling digital transformation across state and local government. We’re innovating around Digital Transformation and the productivity. This innovation, supported by a vast talent pool, enables governments to do more and achieve more for the citizens they serve. We understand that more and more state and local governments are rethinking the use of technology in an effort to streamline services, improve access to public information, provide government transparency, reduce lengthy application development processes, and promote inter-agency data integration.

With our innovative software, solutions and staffing services, we will enable the DIR to transform its operations and infrastructures; engage citizens and businesses; and accelerate their economic development and environmental sustainability.

Contract Information
Contract Number: DIR-CPO-4958
Vendor ID: 1271058277100

Service Offerings

Below is a list with descriptions and examples of all eight functional categories where SOAL Technology provides DBITS based staffing services-

1. Application Development, Maintenance, and
2. Support, Technology Upgrade, Migration, and Transformation; and
3. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); and
4. IT Assessments, Planning, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), and
5. Market Research, Procurement Advisory, and
6. Contract Implementation Services.

Contact Information

SOAL Technology Contract Number: DIR-CPO-4958
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