Why You Should Apply For Jobs In January 2021?

COVID has taken its toll on people around the world and discriminates against nobody. One group of people particularly affected are those in the workforce or those who are looking to enter it. Finding a job takes effort and the addition of COVID hasn’t made it any easier. A lot of businesses have had to shut their doors either temporarily or permanently which has displaced a lot of workers across the nation. You may be thinking that there’s no hope and that nothing will change. With 2021 incoming, there are many opportunities that’ll be ripe for the picking.

January is a great time to search for employment. You want to get in as early as possible as this is generally when the company’s budgets are renewed and more hiring opportunities become available. There is generally a need for workers at the beginning of the year which could prove fruitful for people searching. Those hiring might also be more refreshed and inclined to fill positions after the break which could spell success for many.

Appearance is key when it comes to looking for a job or trying to advance one’s career. Having an updated and unique resumé can set you apart from other candidates and provide the push needed to get you into that position. You can mention the skills you’ve acquired over the course of the year and try to turn a more difficult seeming year into an asset for yourself that has helped advance you to where you are now.

Aspiring workers often neglect the tiny details that make a big difference during a job hunt. As it’s the beginning of the year, there will be many applicants, but following up and showing initiative can be very helpful and show the quality of worker you are. No employer wants someone nagging them about a position, but a general reminder is usually appreciated.

In the age of a pandemic, networking has changed significantly due to fewer in-person interactions and events taking place. Regardless, networking is still an important aspect of being in the workforce. If you know more people in your field or even other possible fields that you may be interested in, it’ll be easier to find job opportunities and capitalize on those openings. People often make the mistake of only looking for jobs within their own field. Sometimes it’s helpful to broaden your range and try including other possibilities into the mix.

It’s been a difficult year for many across the globe, but there’s no reason why we can’t try to make the next year better and full of possibilities. The first step in success is starting the search for it.

-Azaan Moledina

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