United Green Supersonic Jet Too Good to be True

Airplanes are an innovation that have changed all our lives. Whether you have immigrated from another country or love taking vacations it has shaped our lives in one way or another. Being able to get from one part of the world to another part in the time we can right now is still something impressive. But United is working on a big project that might basically be able to teleport you. United has revealed that they are purchasing 15 planes that are 200 million dollars per jet. And are expected to travel faster than the speed of sound. You might be thinking how fast could that be? To put it into perspective this would take 3 and a half hours to travel from Newark to London when it usually takes 6 and a half hours.

Although they won’t start carrying passengers until 2029 these flights are scheduled for 2026. If it works out, they will be offered an additional 35 jets. The best part about the jets are they are incorporating them to be environmentally friendly. The airplanes will be “net-zero carbon from day one,” relying entirely on sustainable aviation fuel recycled from waste or organic sources, according to the company. The downside of the Supersonic Jet might be the pricing. Being able to get somewhere in twice less the time it would normally take it is safe to assume it will be a luxury.

This privilege will change the economy, businesses, increase competitiveness…etc. There is so much research that is still being done but we may be heading in the right direction for the enhancement of technology.

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