Things to Do When Your New Job Isn’t a Good Fit

What should one do when a new job does not meet expectations? It can be challenging, mainly if you did everything correctly before accepting the job offer.

First, try not to panic. You have options, and the situation may not be as bad as you believe. Here is what you can do if your new position is not working.

Reinstating Your Job Search

Unfortunately, good fortune does not always favor you. Sometimes, the position has been filled, or the employer does not want you back, and you’re either trapped with your new job or forced to find another one.

When Your Old Job Is No Longer a Choice

For instance, a person leaves his job for a new one. However, he determines on his first day that he hates his recent work. He contacts his former employer to ask if they will rehire him. However, he had not performed as well as he should have at his previous employment, so the company viewed his departure as an opportunity to start over with a new employee.

Give the New Job an Opportunity

If returning to your prior employment is impossible, examine if you hastily evaluated the position or the firm. Occasionally, our initial perceptions are incorrect, and the work may be a better fit than anticipated. Give it time to determine if it is as horrible as you initially believed.

Conduct a Job Search

If it is indeed that bad, begin networking with your contacts and distribute your CV again. Be truthful when asked why you’re quitting a newly acquired job (and you will be).

How to Address Hiring Managers

Inform your contacts and interviewers that the position was not a good fit and that you have opted to pursue other opportunities. You will likely be required to explain why the work was not a good fit, so prepare answers before the interview.


Don’t Panic: You have alternatives, and this momentary setback may lead to a greater chance.

Professionalism Pays Off: Resign graciously and on good terms at all times. You may be able to return to a previous position or utilize former coworkers as references for a new job.

Be Ready to Explain Your Reason for Leaving: Stay optimistic while remaining honest. It is OK to state that a job wasn’t a good fit. The position did not work out, so consider proper responses before the interview.

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