The No Fly Rule

Businesses around the world have felt the effects of the pandemic for over a year now and have had to adjust as a result. Many companies have shifted to a more remote approach of working or if anything, choose to keep their operations as local as possible as there is a decent amount of risk jetting people to new areas during a time such as now. Countless sectors have taken hits from the change in consumer and business behavior, and the airline industry doesn’t look like it will be rebounding any time soon.

With Summer at our doorstep, the desire to get out and travel has only grown. Yet, there is still an uphill battle that airlines must face as desire doesn’t necessarily lead to results. It’s easy to forget that COVID has affected not just the United States, but the entire globe since we are exposed to more information about our surrounding areas. While Americans might be flying more domestically, international travel is significantly less which is mostly due to the easing of restrictions within the nation but also for overall security. It’ll take time before traveling abroad seems more of a norm and not a risk.

With all the international rules and regulations on travel, most businesses have been deciding to skip the hassle and simply not fly out their employees internationally. Many countries require a temporary quarantine period for travelers which can sometimes exceed the length of the entire trip itself making it highly inefficient. Virtual meetings and greater online integration of work tools makes it easier to stay in the office or even at home if applicable. The pandemic has changed people behaviorally and returning to previous habits can be strenuous and won’t be instantaneous.

With less traveling in general, many service industries also take a dip as the interconnectedness of travel and finding a place to stay is apparent. Hotels and companies that find temporary housing for people will also require more time to bounce back to pre pandemic standards. Airbnb for example is one company that has acknowledged the dip in the industry and believes that things may never be the way they were.

But does having certain aspects of life not returning to how they used to be seem so bad? As a species, we are known to grow and evolve and as we are provided external stimulus we adapt and adjust accordingly. While some industries might not surpass their previous heights, other sectors will grow in their place and even new ones will appear as a result of the changes. Maybe when life gives you lemons, you don’t make lemonade. You head to the taco stand instead.

-Azaan Moledina

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