The Art Of Giving- How A Tech Recruiter Became A Support System For Many

Kari Cooper works as a passionate technical recruiter at SOAL Technologies located in Austin, TX. She is not only dedicated to helping others by helping people find a job, but she is also a member of the Yellow House Foundation. In addition she is a single mother of three children, which means she has a lot of excellent advice and life lessons to share, so I decided to ask her a few questions.

Knowing a little bit about her background – I decided to sit down and have a conversation with here.

What encourages you to act as a support system for people you don’t know. How do you empathize?

I was born with a heart for others! I am zealous about assisting others in providing for their families. I understand how it feels to suffer or be judged by one’s history therefore I enjoy aiding others in becoming a better version of themselves. We all have a history, but we don’t have to stick with it. When I am able to assist others in doing the inner work necessary to become better, I feel fulfilled. Being able to support my clients in finding a job or a contract that will alleviate financial hardship.

With so much going on in your life how do you juggle work, volunteering and your mental health?

I work full-time and then volunteer at Remedy at RockPointe Church in Leander as a co-chair. The purpose is to assist people in healing from the wounds of life. I assist other women in becoming stronger and feeling supported as they face life’s obstacles. They can assist with anything under the sun, including addiction, divorce, grieving, eating disorders, loneliness, anxiety, loss, and despair. Knowing you’re not alone as long as you swallow your pride and ego and seek aid is the secret to how God has assisted me. Everyone wishes to put on the mask and conceal themselves behind it. Everyone has the same worries, but since we don’t talk about them, our suicide and mortality rates have soared in recent years.

You have such a strong faith – What is one moral value that keeps you going that you’d like to share with everyone?

Every day, I am able to stay in the moment with the individuals that are right in front of me. It’s important for me to be thankful for the day I’ve been given. The key is to accept people, places, things, and circumstances as they are, rather than how you would like them to be. This will bring me calm and peace. While you’re helping others, it’s critical to take care of yourself. What you don’t have, you can’t give.

How does being a woman in tech influence your work?

Lastly Kari wanted to emphasize being a woman in tech can be challenging but Kari is stronger. Being a hardworking lady that gives everything she has to this firm. She believes that God sent her to the proper people and company to help her get through divorce and stay determined! She is able to multitask and can work on many projects at once, which is advantageous as a mother!

Thank you Kari for speaking with me and being open about your work. Kari is a selfless woman who is relatable and makes everyone around her feel safe.

– Inaz Budhwani

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