Kinds of Payroll Software Do Most Staffing Agencies Use

Payroll applications can be roughly classified as either software as a service (SaaS) or software that must be purchased, downloaded, and installed on individual user PCs (on-premises). Payroll SaaS is becoming increasingly popular as high-speed internet becomes more widely available. While most businesses can benefit from generic payroll systems, niche markets like employment agencies often require specialized software.

High standards are placed on employment firms to select reliable payroll systems. Typically, they want the following capabilities built into the program so that it can also serve as an account automation tool:

  • Use the timesheet data to determine pay.
  • Deductions such as taxes, insurance, and retirement contributions should be calculated.
  • Paychecks are deposited electronically.
  • Integrated check printing.
  • Tax forms are generated in a variety of ways, which brings us.
  • Keeping track of past paychecks for all employees
  • How to figure out your pension
  • Payroll auditing and tracking
  • The self-service UI for staff members and beyond

Here are a few examples of payroll software that temp agencies have found helpful when their goals extend beyond simple payroll processing.

Employment Process Management with ADP Now

It is important to note that ADP Workforce is human resources management software that is provided as a cloud-based service. Payroll, human resource management, talent acquisition, and other related functions work just nicely. Among the features are:

Anytime, everywhere access for staff members

Strong compliance-related qualities

Facilitates the process of submitting tax returns.

Generally viewed as beneficial to small and medium-sized enterprises

Ceridian Dayforce

With its flexible settings, this payroll program stands out among its competitors. Users will need to seek support for smooth operation even though there is sufficient documentation. In addition, it comes with helpful instructions. Its primary function is to ensure compliance with regulations.


It has a centralized location for storing all information

It has a straightforward procedure that makes it easy to utilize.


Especially bad for corporations

There are some dead ends.


Paycor is best used throughout an entire corporation to simplify and streamline the Human Resource processes and people management in two locations. A lot of people use it for financial analysis because of its solid analytics. Acceptable applications of the program include human resource planning and resource allocation.


With regular updates, Paycor always seems new and exciting.

You can count on receiving support once the sale has been made.


Performance needs to be upgraded

We need to give functionality a makeover.


Some cloud-based software applications (SaaS), like CONSULT ®, have gotten positive reviews from staffing firms. A true piece of account automation software, it can be synchronized with popular programs like QuickBooks. The A/R, VMS (vendor management system), and billing/Invoicing functions are only some of the many uses for this software in the staffing industry.


Subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud with invoice generation capabilities

Avoid spending money on overpriced programs.

Rapid deployment with little to no learning curve


Needs a quick schedule of training sessions


Finding the best payroll software for your staffing companies could seem a daunting decision to make. You will find that many of your recruiters will need to learn how to use the program you end up purchasing. But all these mentioned payroll software above are the greatest in the market so far in terms of use and adaptability.

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