Complete Job Search Checklist | Job Seeking Guide

Searching for a job effectively requires some attentive measures and following a proper process with a focused mindset.

When you want to master job searching, you need to have a to-do-list at your disposal. This will help you in avoiding mistakes and unwanted sources.

Whether you’re a high school student, a college student, a learner or a parent, everyone needs the best job and they want it fast.

Before you start searching, ask yourself these questions-

  • Your career goals (Short Term & Long Term).
  • The skills you have, the skill you need & the skills the job requires. Are you able to match them?
  • Psychological & Physiological aspects of a job.

Pre-job search process-

  • Make a list of your interests, strengths and skills along with your academic, volunteer and work experience.
  • Update your resume and cover letter – Make sure your resume has the necessary keywords that hiring managers are looking for in your field.
  • Know what kind of job you’re qualified for- entry-level, management, skilled work, etc.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile – Have plenty of endorsements from colleagues, and review your online reputation and your social media accounts.
  • Know your limits: salary requirements, geographic location, hours, etc.
  • Decide an industry you’d like to work in.
  • Make a List of Desired Companies you want to work for.
  • Find out new & popular companies that you may want to work in.
  • Find three references.
  • Plan answers to common interview questions.
  • Have at least one very nice, professional-looking “interview” outfit.

Your Job Search Checklist:

  • Make specific searches for work online.
  • Get in touch with recruiters & a staffing agency. They are a great go-to source for employment opportunities.
  • Go to local places of employment and drop off a resume and cover letter.
  • Seek out career fairs and company recruiters.
  • Use your friends or network of contacts to search for employment.
  • Follow-up on every job you find as soon as possible.


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