Is Using A Staffing Agency A Good Way To Find A Job?

Staffing firms assist businesses in locating suitable people for job openings.

In the event that a hiring agency sees you as a good candidate, one of their recruiters will get in touch with you. Find a staffing firm that specializes in your field of employment if you want to work with them.

Karrie Harris, a senior recruiting manager, and executive leadership coach remarked, “There are many types of staffing firms.” There are some that specialize in specific fields like finance, technology, or marketing, and those that do general work. They have relationships with several huge corporations, and those contracts will be determined by who you deal with.

If I were to subcontract your services as a recruiter to LinkedIn, the company would provide me with a set amount of money. According to LinkedIn, I’ve been hired as a social media professional on a six-month contract. They will provide us with a financial plan indicating that they will back this individual with $100,000. Once that happens, the government can pay the contractor whatever they want.

To better understand how employment agencies work, I had a conversation with Harris and Abby Kohut, president of Staffingsymphony.com.

The Advantages of Working with a Recruitment Firm

Employers and job-seekers alike can benefit from the services of staffing firms.

Harris has remarked, “I always encourage people who are searching for opportunities to collaborate with the staffing agency that corresponds to the type of work that they perform.” Don’t be afraid to take on temporary work, as any position, permanent or temporary, can be terminated at any time.

Kohut argued that employing a staffing agency to get work was beneficial since the agency would advocate on the candidate’s behalf. It’s true that they only get paid if you’re successfully placed. The temporary service would pitch you to the corporation with some numbers. If you’re looking for a job at Google, for instance, you could send your resume there on your own, or you could find a staffing agency that deals with Google and have them push your CV into the door.

The only possible drawback is that the employer will have to pay the employment agency to acquire you, so they may prefer it if you went straight into the company. Before approaching employment agencies, you should take the time to assess your skill set and conduct an online search for relevant agencies.

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