Is Technology Making It Harder To Be A Person With High Morals?

Technology and social media can have lots of pros and cons. Some might say that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but it is something we see every day. People can express themselves on social media and share their successes and struggles. When someone posts something on social media that is like a cry for help some might not know how to respond. We sometimes question that digital technology frequently seems to make it more difficult for us to respond appropriately when someone is in distress and requires our assistance.

Social media helps spread awareness but how we take and what we do about it is what matters. For example, if there is a post on India asking for help because their citizens are dying from COVID some might feel like it is their responsibility to help. In this case social media is having a positive impact on us but can be easily taken away from other things seen. We also see many examples of camera phones causing human decency to be short-circuited. Many bystanders have seen a vehicle accident or a fistfight and instead of running over to check whether the victim needs assistance, they have taken out their phone to record the action. 

Digital technology, according to many studies, is reducing our attention spans and making us more distracted. Is it making us less empathetic? Kids that have grown up with social media so it’s all they know are likely to suffer from this more than previous generations. It is crucial to be able to detach from your device occasionally and focus on what’s in front of you.

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