How to Handle a Job That’s Not What You Wanted

Success in finding a new job and accepting an offer you’re happy with might be a game changer for your professional life. However, there will inevitably be moments when the position isn’t a good fit. This may be due to various factors, such as an unfavorable work environment or a misalignment between the job description and the actual duties of the position. What to do if your new job doesn’t feel right is the topic of this blog.                                                  

If your new employee isn’t working out, try these solutions:

Maintain professionalism

Feelings of disappointment and even hurt are understandable if you have high hopes for this new employment. However, keep a level head and act professionally. Think about the issues that have led you to the conclusion that this position is not a good fit. It’s possible that once you start working for the company, you’ll find that your interests don’t mesh with the company’s, your duties differ from what was advertised, or your boss isn’t as approachable as they seemed during the hiring process.

Give time to your new position

The recruiting manager saw something in you that made them want to hire you. You may still benefit from the chance even if your role and responsibilities differ from what you anticipated. Meet your coworkers, do your job correctly, and step up when opportunities present themselves. Although you may feel unsettled at the beginning of your time in this role, you may also be surprised later at how much you appreciate your job and the people you work with.

Speak to your manager

Communicate your intention to have a shared understanding and to set reasonable expectations for the future with your management at the discussion. You could inform your manager that you thought you were performing a particular duty and inquire when you are doing it.

Notify your network

You might not want to explain why you’re looking for employment again, but you can still ask your contacts to keep you in mind if they hear of any relevant openings. You may get in touch with people you worked with or did business with in the past, or you could make a post on social media. If you are actively seeking new employment but have not yet notified your current employer, you should be careful about where and to whom you broadcast your intentions.


Even though you were only on the job for a short time, you may have learned valuable things that can be highlighted on your resume. Make sure a potential employer is aware of your relevant experience by listing it in your resume’s skills section. Think about whether you want to list this position on your CV.

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