How To Find A Job During COVID 19

What could one person do differently to find a job during Coronavirus Pandemic? Usually, the process is simple, search for jobs on portals or through an agency. But this pandemic has already brought a lot of changes in multiple industries that people are finding hard to cope with.

Many companies are laying off employees, and many people are getting even better opportunities. How is the later one possible?

Unemployment is expected to hit 16% or higher and even less than one-third of companies are posting about job opportunities as compared to last year.

So, how can you find work these days?

Don’t be discouraged

Today’s employment scene bears little resemblance to the job market six months ago when jobs were plentiful and recruits were in high demand. Though it’s better than in April, there still is roughly one opening for every 10 applicants, according to job-search site Zippia. It is likely to take longer to find a position — particularly, an attractive one.

Many of today’s open positions are poorly paid, according to Zippia’s data.

On the bright side, enhanced unemployment benefits offered through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program are available through July. Those benefits provide $600 a week on top of state unemployment benefits to people who are out of work as a result of the pandemic. After that, unemployment benefits are likely to return to normal, far less generous levels.

Time is opportunity

Experts suggest you use this quarantine time to consider your long-term career goals and gain whatever skills necessary to take your career to the next level.

If you’re hoping to switch careers, Pocsik suggests asking former colleagues what they think you’re best at — the talents they’d put on your job recommendation — to find your core strengths. Are those strengths transferrable and valued in your targeted field? If not, what skills should you develop to be an attractive candidate?

Workaround how you can get ahead in the game by learning a bit more.

Connect With Staffing Agency

Yes, this is the time when a staffing agency will be most helpful in getting you hitched with an organization that is hiring currently.

The recruitment process in a staffing agency is pretty much streamlined to match both the company & candidate’s requirements.

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