How to Choose the Right Recruiter for You

The job market is tightening and your skills are in demand. This may be the right time to work with a recruiter who can help you advance your career. But, what do you look for in that relationship?

Who Pays for What?

First, recruitment services could be free to the candidate. The employer could be the one paying for the service. There are also job placement services that charge the candidate, but in our line of work, candidates receive the services free of charge.

Why Health Benefits are Important

You are healthy and don’t think you need health benefits and a 401K. That is wonderful. At SOAL, we offer them anyway because we know that life can change. It is important that we support your career with options that promote your health and well-being so you can focus on the work at hand and not worry about other issues.

We have found that candidates who opt to work with us stay longer and have a better experience because health benefits are offered. More stability is good for everyone in the equation, staff members and employers alike.

The Vetting Process

The vetting process is critical for both recruiter and employees. As a candidate you want to make sure the company you join is right for you – that their values mesh and that the work you do will be fulfilling. That is why we spend so much time working with employers to make sure we know exactly what they want.

From job skills and work ethic to career visioning, to your bigger purpose, we will ask you what you want in a placement. This is a process that ensures we match your expertise with the appropriate degree of skills needed. We look at this as a matchmaking process with both parties married in the end.

As part of the process, we will do reference checks and send your resume internally to at least three of our recruiters. We’ll have a long conversation about your goals and then critique your resume and help you prepare for the interview so you can make the best impression.

After placement, we will stop by to make sure you and the client are happy with the arrangement. It is an additional level of service we provide to both the client and the candidate. It is our way of building long-lasting relationships so everyone wins.

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