How to Choose A Staffing Agency

What is A Staffing Agency?

An employment agency is an organization which matches employers to employees. In all developed countries, there is a publicly funded employment agency and multiple private businesses which act as employment agencies.

How to Choose A Staffing Agency?

  • Determine the Type of Staffing Help and Staffing Company You Need

First, determine if you need staffing employees for a short- or long-term assignment, permanent job placement, or some combination. Then narrow your list of staffing firms to those that specialize in your industry, type of operation, or the types of employees you need. If it’s a permanent position—or likely to become one—find out if you can submit interview questions and participate in the selection process.

  • Evaluate Your Interaction, Note Your Impressions

The most important thing to look for is the kind of communication you have with the agency. How well are they able to explain their services and in connecting them with your services. Try to look for their past performance and how they have done in the past. The kind of companies they have worked with, the ratio of sourced candidates vs the hired.

  • Understand How the Firm Recruits and Retains Its Workforce

A firm’s capability can be measured when you look at the retention rate of the employees in their firm. Most of the companies that hire through a staffing agency, can provide a full-time opportunity to that person if that candidate is good. You need to look at the ratio of employees retained by their clients.

  • Ask About Screening and Testing

The factor that defines an agency and sets it apart from its counterparts, is the process of screening & testing. How well versed are they with the technical need of your company? How good is their background check process? These are some of the questions you need to take care of while looking for a staffing firm.

  • Make Sure the Company Fully Understand Your Needs

It can be possible that the industry your company belongs to is very niche and has very specific requirements. There are many kinds of certifications that are not majorly popular among everyone. But is the agency aware about them? Do they understand the risk involved in the job profile you’re offering?

What to Look For in A Staffing Agency?

  • Types of Positions

Temporary work has broadened since its inception to include a wide range of fields and industries. Companies require a broad range of operations in their organisation. Which includes pretty much everything from Clerical and office jobs, administrative jobs, technical assistants, industrial work such as shipping/receiving and assembly line work etc. If the firm can understand the type of requirement for the job, and they can offer you a good candidate, then you can go ahead with them.

  • Differences Between Firms

Most temp agencies use newspaper advertisements, job fairs, and word of mouth to recruit candidates. National firms may attract greater numbers of candidates due to the brand name, but large, local firms are often equally well known within their region.

There are much greater differences, however, in how firms screen candidates before hiring. Some firms use computer testing to evaluate candidates, while others supplement this with psychological evaluations or personal interviews to select temps for the right jobs. If you need a temp with specific skills, computer matches are usually adequate, but personal interviews can help ensure that workers are better suited for your needs.

  • Pricing

Temp firms generally charge a fixed percentage greater than the hourly cost of a worker. For basic jobs, this can translate to total charges of $9 to $18 per hour. Skilled temps tend to be much more expensive. Technical or professional temps may cost up to $30 per hour.

Most firms offer discounts off their published rates. Even if you plan to use temporary services infrequently, it is usually worth negotiating rates upfront to reduce the overall cost.

Should I use a staffing agency to find a job?

Finding talent remains a huge challenge for many small companies. Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries all take precious time away from a business owner’s existing obligations, which may end up hurting the business in the long run. That’s why more and more employers are partnering with staffing agencies, which take a lot of the time and effort out of the talent search by providing their own workers for open roles.

If you’re considering working with one to meet your hiring needs, it is the right choice to work with a staffing agency.


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