Great Recruiting: Trust, Time & Passion

It takes an average of 13-17 WEEKS to land a new job. The process is often frustrating, confusing, depressing, and flat out lonely. And that is where I would come into the picture- your friendly, and local technical recruiter. Our recruiting services are free of cost to you so why not take advantage?

I cannot stress enough the importance of working with a recruiter who is local to your city or at the very least local to your state. This not only allows for better and effective communication but as a recruiter, I always have my candidate’s back. When the time comes for an in person interview, I will always call the candidate in the office a day or two prior to the interview to prep him/her on fundamental things such as the client address, attire, potential interview questions and even basic things like where to park.

And you may read this and think to yourself that all this “prep work” can be done via email and/or video calls. My answer: yes it could possibly be done over those mediums but I assure you it’s a lot harder and definitely less effective. Case in point- a few weeks ago, on the day of his F2F interview, my candidate affected by all the external stressors in life as all humans tend to do, got very overwhelmed and started to go into panic mode three hours prior the scheduled interview. He still wanted the job, he still wanted to go in for the interview but his voice was shaking and his confidence was shot.

Here is where we shine, we the recruiters at SOAL- I suggested to the candidate that we should meet, I knew he was having car troubles so I offered to pick him up. He agreed. He got in my car and weird as this sounds, we went to get a scoop (or two) of ice cream roughly around 11 in the morning. I truly believe ice cream with sprinkles fixes almost anything life throws at you. The two of us just hung out like buddies for the next hour and half. We talked about everything- family, work, The Black Panther movie and of course his upcoming interview. I dropped him off and the rest is history. It doesn’t matter if he got the job or not- that’s not relevant (but yes he did get the job!) What is important is that my employer gave me the tools and courage to go out and be hands on with my candidate. Most people don’t know a recruiters most valuable trait: its empathy! I care about my candidates; I know they have families to look after. I know they have goals they want to achieve and I know they want the best opportunity so they can excel at it and build upon their skill sets.

“There is never enough time in a day,” is a reality for most recruiters. To build a rapport between job seeker and recruiter takes trust. To gain trust, takes time. And here at SOAL Technologies – we are willing to put in the TIME with you. Feel free to reach me at atejani@st.livetestlink.com for any job inquiries or to begin working with a recruiter.

Ali Tejani
Technical Recruiter

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