For Women, Remote Work Is a Blessing & a Curse

People who identify as women are in fact, superheroes! For everything they have to deal with. Working from home is a blessing and a curse for us. Studies show that women have more of a desire to work from home than men. This doesn’t change the fact that many work from home women have kids which raises their stress levels. This can be a result of trying to be good parents while working on their career. This mainly includes women who have the opportunity of WFH which likely means they are educated and highly paid. But there are also women who aren’t fortunate enough to WFM and have kids who were home during the pandemic.

As a result of the two jobs most women might have to take on, it can cause burnout. This has led us to believe that despite such advancement that women have made in this country and in the workforce housework and childcare are still considered women’s responsibilities. This is a very traditional ideology we see taking place where the men are the breadwinner, and the women are the caregivers.

As remote work continues and likely to not have an end anytime soon there’s many ways to take the stress off women. Such as paid parental leave which can be beneficial to both the mother and father. In addition, jobs stress the hours worked rather than the productivity during work hours. Lastly, being able to separate work hours and family time is also important to ensuring productivity and being there for your family.

-Inaz Budhwani

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