Face ID Mask Unlock Feature Upgrade

When we found that Apple’s Face ID system was incompatible with face masks, we immediately screamed and whined. And, after a few workarounds, the business is now ready for the real deal: Face ID that works with a mask on*.

You may be doubting why there is an asterisk indication. This is not a typographical error. It’s present since this new system will be compatible with iPhones 12 and newer.

Apple argues that this is necessary due to “advancements in the True Depth camera technology.” And, allegedly, the iPhone 11’s new Face ID system is insufficiently powerful.

Face ID Mask Unlock Feature Upgrade

Regrettably, this mask-unlocking feature is not currently compatible with iPad Pros.

How is this going to work?

Apple is currently beta testing this with iOS 15.4 and will make it available to all customers in the coming months. To make Face ID function, the business developed new algorithms that are taught to recognize areas surrounding the eye region to unlock the device.

As per the company, this new feature has the same level of security as Face ID without a mask — a mistake rate of 1 in 1,000,000 tries.

At the moment, your iPhone recognizes your face when you attempt to unlock it from an angle. However, for it to work correctly while wearing a mask, you must stare straight at the iPhone.

What if I’m wearing spectacles?

Face ID’s next iteration will allow you to unlock your device using a mask even if you’re wearing glasses. While it is recommended to scan your entire face without glasses during the initial scan, you can add spectacles later. Apple will permit up to four pairs of eyewear per enrolment for security reasons.

I do own a compatible iPhone. What am I to do?

If you are willing to try it out, you can sign up for the iOS public beta and download iOS 15.4. More information on installing a beta version on your phone may be found here.

If you choose not to do so, you may have to wait for the update to arrive.

What about the rest of the iPhones?

However, there are several workarounds: if you own an Apple Watch, you may read our tutorial on configuring your iPhone to unlock automatically when wearing a mask. In other circumstances, Apple has accelerated bringing up the passcode screen when Face ID detects you’re wearing a mask.

We’ll keep you updated with thorough instructions whenever this function becomes available to everyone. Hopefully, the wait will be brief.

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