Elon’s Tunnel In Florida: What Could Go Wrong?

Will Elon Musk take over the world? Genius, Elon Musk has now gotten approval to build a tunnel in Fort Lauderdale to ease traffic on one of the busiest roads. His company, The Boring Company plans to build an underground tube that will transport passengers from downtown to the beach using self-driving Teslas.

Some concerns being raised are Lauderdale is already prompting fears that the Boring Company’s previous issues may recur, not to mention the extra difficulty of tackling Florida’s increasing sea levels. Given the city’s proximity to the coast and rising sea levels caused by climate change, some believe the tunnel may cause flooding. Another source of concern is that the Boring Company has claimed cheaper prices and shorter construction timelines, even though engineering and tunnel industry professionals say the company offers no new method of tunnel construction.

Although they have a lot to consider, this will be environmentally friendly. Local government authorities in Fort Lauderdale are the latest to look at the notion of underwater traffic tunnels filled with Teslas.

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