COVID & Climate Change: What’s Next?

It’s clear that the Corona Virus has had a significant influence on climate change. Many didn’t leave their homes because of the lockdown, which kept vehicles off the road and encouraged people to take long walks to get out of their house. As a result of people driving less and industries grinding to a halt, emissions have reduced. Air quality in some areas has improved in recent weeks, according to scientists. This has set a precedent for the lessons and possibilities for environmental action in the long run. For example, we’ll have a new benchmark for what can be accomplished digitally: distant employment, schooling, shopping, and so on. This new technology will be greatly relied on now that we can accomplish anything from our bed.
You may be asking if this is sufficient to ensure that we do not have to worry about climate change. As things begin to normalize and many people return to work, the answer to that question will be affected by the pandemic’s long-term effects on global economic activity and energy consumption.

As citizens, we must do our bit and be ecologically responsible. We can accomplish this by eating less meat, reducing our plastic usage, recycling, thrifting, and so on. We should hold ourselves and the companies we work for and support accountable for being environmentally aware, in addition to holding ourselves accountable. Even though no one wanted the pandemic to happen the way it did, we may argue it was a blessing in disguise for the environment and was partially necessary.


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