California Banning Gas Cars

When thinking about life in California the one thing people will mention is the traffic. Although the traffic might always be there, the pollution doesn’t have to be. Governor Gavin Newsom from California said last year that new gas-powered automobiles will no longer be sold in California after 2035. This can be a rising concern for There are tens of thousands of auto dealers, mechanics, and gas station owners in the United States.

​The sound of this would be very beneficial to our environment and to the citizens living in California but to put this into action will take a lot of new technology. With slightly over 10,000 commercial electric car chargers, Los Angeles has the most of any city in the US. However, this is in a metropolis with millions of registered automobiles. The ability for homeowners to put chargers in their garages is beneficial.

​This will be a huge change for California and their citizens. With severe wildfires continuing raging across the state, Newsom declares that combating climate change is a top priority. These changes are part of the state’s overall plan to achieve 100% zero-emission new car sales. California now plans to implement an 80-20 mix, in which 80 percent of new cars sold will be fully electric or hydrogen-powered, with the remaining 20% having a plug-in hybrid engine. In other words, automakers will be able to put an engine under the hood in 2035.

-Inaz Budhwani

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