Best IT Software for Staffing Agencies

Staffing firms face a new and significant operational issue brought on by the rise of digital transformation.

According to recently released data, 85% of staffing firms agree that digital transformation is necessary for survival. While sourcing remains the primary difficulty for agencies, only 39% of organisations have automated any of their recruitment processes.

Good news for employment agencies! They can achieve commercial success and attract new customers by investing in the appropriate software.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the top software options for recruiting firms.

The Top Answers for Applicant Tracking Systems, Customer Relationship Management, and Virtual Asset Management

1. TalentnowRecruitX

First on our list is the AI-powered applicant tracking system TalentnowRecruitX.

To begin with, RecruitX is tailored specifically to the needs of HR departments and employment firms. To begin the hiring process, a recruiter need only post an opening on the RecruitX dashboard. Then, potential employees are collected from various online sources, including the company’s own employment site and external ones like Indeed, Jobble, and Trovit, and stored in a database. Next, RecruitX uses AI to sort through resumes and filter out unqualified applicants in favour of those who are a better fit for the open positions.

When compared to other applicant tracking systems, RecruitX stands out due to the many useful features it provides for recruiting firms. The tool’s back end features a full pipeline that allows businesses to monitor prospects from the time they are first sourced to the final stages of hiring or rejection.

Those in the staffing industry looking for a more efficient applicant tracking system (ATS) need look no further.


  • Candidate monitoring
  • More sophisticated search for potential candidates
  • Planning Meetings for Interviews


Over 10,000 businesses around the world have made the switch to Bullhorn as their preferred applicant tracking system.

The recruitment process is simplified by the use of automation, which is captured automatically by the programme. Bullhorn uses artificial intelligence to forecast which job applicants will be the best fits for open positions, and then reaches out to them at the optimal time. The system then keeps tabs on every interaction a recruiter has with an applicant in order to make incremental improvements to the process.

Furthermore, Bullhorn can be altered to meet the needs of individual employment firms. To make the application process more tailored to the needs of the organisation, recruiters have the option of altering the style and feel of the platform, altering user preferences, personalising record overviews, and developing their own submission templates.

In conclusion, Bullhorn works with a wide variety of other HR software, such as HarQen, Mailjet, InsightSquared, SignalHire, Sirenum, TextUs, and TextRecruit.

Recruiting firms who need a flexible applicant tracking system (ATS) to find and hire top talent would benefit from this.


  • Candidate monitoring
  • Source identification/candidate sourcing
  • Fully robotic resume analysis

3. Recruiter flow

Recruiter flow is a wonderful option to consider if your staffing firm prioritizes ease of use in its candidate selection process.

Recruiter flow is similar to customer relationship management and applicant tracking systems, with one major exception being its Chrome extension. With just one click, recruiters have access to an inbox helper (named Robin) that quickly and easily extracts data about a candidate or contact from their email. It integrates with your calendar so that you can schedule interviews with potential hires without ever leaving your inbox.

It’s also worth noting how effective the Recruiter flow dashboard is. It enables staffing firms to post job openings on numerous job sites and conduct automated email outreach campaigns to discover qualified individuals.


Effective and simple recruitment tool for staffing firms.

Templates for conducting interviews with a scoring system

Coordinated inbox/scheduled response system

Logo-affiliated job board


Recruiting and staffing agencies use staffing software to help their corporate clients find, evaluate, and hire the best possible candidates for open positions. All parties involved in the recruitment process can have more productive interactions with these solutions. Numerous functions common to sales-oriented software are available in staffing solutions, such as pipeline management and candidate relationship management features.

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