Austin’s Leading Tech Recruiting Company Launches Online Nurse Staffing Platform

SOAL Technologies located in Austin, TX is all set to soft launch their new all-digital healthcare staffing company specifically geared towards nurses and allied professionals.

Introducing GoHealthPros.com (Go Health Pros). A healthcare professional seeking a job would simply log on to the site, upload their resume, fill out a few preferences such as location, rate and flexibility, and hit submit. You are done ! Our algorithm will start doing the work- it will match you with any and all openings in the areas you had selected. The candidate will receive emails regarding these positions, it is up to the candidate which openings they wish to apply to.

There are many hurdles in healthcare staffing. Some of which GoHealthPros.com is actively trying to dismantle.

Hurdles such as:

  • Nurse turnover: Patient care is not what drives nursing turnover. Nurses leave their jobs based on factors such as a lack of administrative support, unhealthy work environments and inappropriate staffing, all of which can be frustrating barriers to effective care delivery.
  • Nurse well-being: Burnout, moral distress, compassion fatigue, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) threatened nurse well-being before the pandemic. Early studies (and common sense) indicate that COVID-19 has magnified these issues. Nurse well-being partly depends on developing resilience, the ability to adapt to stressful situations and experience growth.
  • The experience-complexity gap: The experience-complexity gap is a key issue in nurse staffing. Patient care is increasingly complex, and high turnover may prevent nurses from developing a full range of experience to meet patients’ needs

We are very excited to launch this new platform in hopes to help the nursing and healthcare community. Our front-line healthcare workers have done so much for our citizens throughout this pandemic and finding a meaningful job should not be one of their problems! We won’t allow it. GoHealthPros.com will bridge the gap.

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