Are Remote Jobs Coming To An End?

Employers have quietly begun bringing their workers back to work as the pace of COVID-19 vaccines accelerates and states remove restrictions, with the pace projected to increase substantially in the coming months. As the return to work ramps up, the extent to which American office workers are allowed to work from home as the great majority of them did during the epidemic will have an impact including everything from their job satisfaction to where they could reside.

The direction of office work will most certainly take the form of a hybrid paradigm, somewhere between entirely remote and completely in-office employment. Those strong professionals, whose employment is dependent on computers, will be far more likely now than before pandemic to be allowed to work from home probably part of the time, under a framework known as the hybrid work. However, anything from which workers can work from home to how many days they may work from home will be determined by a variety of circumstances.

While 83 percent of CEOs want employees to return in person, only 10 percent of employees want to come back full time.
More than two-thirds (68%) of U.S. workers would prefer a hybrid workplace model after the pandemic ends.


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