Apple Austin Growing

Apple has announced that they will begin expanding their reach and are constructing a campus in Austin, Texas. Close in proximity to their 200 million dollar Mac Pro production facility, the 3 million-square-foot campus will initially add 5,000 employees with a total capacity of 15,000 and is expected to open by 2022.

A press release on Apple’s Newsroom has stated that the campus is aiming to minimize their ecological impact and have taken steps to show as much by partnering with the Bartlett Tree Experts, an Austin-based organization, to increase the diversity of native trees and even aim to maintain part of the campus as a wildlife preserve. Their commitment to using 100% renewable energy is commendable as a tech conglomerate. Additionally, Apple launched the Community Education Initiative in Austin earlier this year to make coding in the classroom easier and more integrated into the curriculum.

Apple has committed to contributing 350 billion dollars by 2023 to the US economy and already supports millions of American jobs across the nation. Their investment to incite innovation in the manufacturing sector has given greater economic freedoms to certain companies such as Finisar in Sherman, Texas and has allowed them to create new jobs and create more technological advances that ultimately benefit our nation. SOAL is deeply integrated within the tech community and provides opportunities for both aspiring workers and their potential employers. By connecting the two entities, we help induce growth within the industry.

Written By:

Azaan Moledina

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