5 Ways To Stay Motivated Working From Home

  • Establish Your Own Workspace – It might seem tempting to work from your bed as it is probably one of the most comfortable spots you have, but as mixing business and pleasure has never been recommended, you should keep both your bed and work separate. Studies have shown that blurring the boundaries between the two can cause poor sleep as a result which affects overall performance significantly.
  • Create A Schedule – Time is easy to let slip away and without some structure surrounding your workday, it can become that much easier. Using a more casual approach can lead to people starting their days later which leads to it ending later as well. All in all, it’s beneficial to have a clear schedule to keep you on track and as efficient as possible.
  • Keep The Distractions To A Minimum – Home is one of the most familiar environments for people and is generally filled with non-work related items or habits which can cause distractions. Turning off notifications on your phone, keeping the kids occupied in another room, and establishing some ground rules for your work space can reduce how often interruptions occur.
  • Reward Yourself – We tend to work best when we know there is something we’ll get after as a reward. You might find you work a lot harder when there’s a little something waiting for you. You could promise yourself an episode of your favorite show, a snack you’ve been holding off on having, or just the idea of free time to do as you please.
  • Have Good Self Care Practices – You can’t work at your best if you don’t feel the best. Too much caffeine, sugary snacks, or lack of sleep won’t benefit your working abilities. A healthy diet with plenty of rest is necessary for peak performance. It isn’t as easy to meet all your needs with an environment change such as this so it’s paramount to reflect on overall what you can do to take better care of yourself.

-Azaan Moledina

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