SOAL Advantage

      When you work with us to solve your staffing needs you gain a partner in the process. Our team of recruiters and account managers supply decades of experience based on long-term relationships with highly qualified candidates. We don’t just give you resumes from job boards. We vet each candidate three times, meet them in person, and then recommend them after we have ascertained their strengths and career goals.

      SOAL contractors are offered health insurance and 401K matching among other benefits. These build contractor loyalty. We have found that benefit packages increase the quality of candidates and their employment longevity. You won’t lose a contractor in the middle of a project because he wants to work for another company that offers benefits.

      Our relationships run deep. On many occasions, the candidates we present to you come to us through referrals from current contractors. Other sources include personal references and electronic submissions.

      Finally, we spend time with you and your team to truly understand your needs, timelines, and pain points. Our job is to alleviate those issues by developing open communication with you and your team.

      SOAL people are passionate about the process we pursue to deliver the perfect hire every time.