Our professionals, many of whom are multilingual, are experienced in dealing with a wide array of hardware and software environments and will understand and respond to your technology needs. Our human-centered approach ensures that the most rigorous hiring standards our met, which means we recruit only the best.

Teamwork, not competition, is how we deliver solutions for your staffing and business consulting needs.

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What People Say About Us
It takes the right person to make the right decision at the right time. Sometimes those decisions are crucial enough to make or break a company. The competent IT staffing service by SOAL TECHNOLOGIES ensures that you hire well and you hire smart.

Jeff Smestuen, Director of Information Technology, Germania Farm Mutual Insurance

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What People Say About Us
There’s something absolutely magical that happens when business intelligence works. When an end user with a question gains the insight they need to move forward, business moves forward and people are more effective in their jobs.

Ted Kummert, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Business Platform Division

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